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Herrenknecht at Bauma 2019

Passionate pioneers in the field of underground construction share a bright perspective. Cities, people, economies and nations are deeply interconnected. Space above ground is limited. Governments, city planners and designers see the huge potential of underground space. Get ready for the next level of groundbreaking underground missions and visions. Herrenknecht invites you to explore new terrain at bauma in Munich. Let’s discuss, how technological innovation, safer and smoother operations empower progression of the underground industry.

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Highlights at bauma

Interconnectivity: closer together

The need to link people, economies, nations and technologies is fundamental. A deeper and multi-dimensional connection of the world is key for the future. The underground space offers unexploited potential to reach the next level of needed global interconnections. Learn more about the next generation of international trailblazing traffic tunnelling projects, pipeline-networks and high-impact utility infrastructures at Herrenknecht.

Megacities: big, bigger, mega

In the coming decades, hundreds of new metropolises will emerge; existing megacities will supersize. Space above ground gets limited, while the subterranean space becomes more and more habitable. Untapped underground space is the perfect place for powerful new concepts and sustainable infrastructures. Let´s explore epoch-making inner-city mega tunnelling projects like Grand Paris Express at our booth.

innovation award 2019 nominee

Herrenknecht has been nominated for the Bauma Innovation Award 2019 in the "Machine" Category with the E-Power Pipe®, Herrenknecht has developed a new method to quickly and securely install small-diameter cable protection pipes underground over long distances of more than a kilometer.

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Progress: faster, smoother, safer

In technology, all that matters is tomorrow. Continuous progress is the quintessence of tunnelling and the underground community. Based on today’s lighthouse projects, profound expertise and open mindset we all can contribute to a groundbreaking underground mission.
Let´s combine our expertise and envision together, where and how technology can conquer new terrain.

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  • Herrenknecht Tunnelling, Hall C3, Booth 447
  • Herrenknecht Mining, Hall C2, Booth 526
  • Herrenknecht Group Brands, Hall C3, Booth 547
  • Herrenknecht Outside Booth, Open-Air Area North, Booth FN519/2



We are looking forward to meeting you at bauma 2019 in Munich. Please let us know your preferred day of visit. We will be happy to arrange a personal meeting with you.