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35 years of expertise

A shared history of breakthroughs

Herrenknecht tunneling technology gained a foothold on the 5th continent in 1986. Contractors are using Herrenknecht technology in over 100 projects. 86 project breakthroughs have already taken place. Newly built infrastructure: over 260 kilometers of new tunnels, pipelines and pipeline networks.

Broad product portfolio for a variety of applications

For over 35 years, contractors in Australia and New Zealand have relied on Herrenknecht technology and expertise for large and small construction projects underground. From hydropower projects to gas networks and mines to metro and railway lines and XL road tunnels – the range of machine types and diameters has proven itself in various substrates and is also used for ambitious new projects such as Snowy 2.0.

Pioneering and team spirit drive the 40-strong Herrenknecht team in Australia. From engineers, project managers and mechanics to electricians and welders - with tenacity, irrepressible will and the highest level of professionalism they boldly go forward together with our customers.